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IDEAS Project Team

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Dr. Kim's Research Team Members, Spring 2019

This amazing group of undergraduate, masters and doctoral students had a great spring semester at Boston College working on two different projects with Dr. Kim in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. One project explored the use of a new invention curriculum with middle school students -- examining how teachers can use project-based learning that includes creating inventions to help students learn science. The other project explored students' use of digital storytelling in order to reflect on their learning, as they created projects about topics of interest that incorporated subject matter from various disciplines. Both projects paid particular attention to English language learners, studying how the curricular innovations can help immigrant students who are also learning English. The student research assistants had an opportunity to write grants, review scientific literature, gather data through interviews, participant observation and data collection, analyze data using qualitative software, write research reports and in some cases present them at academic conferences, and write articles for publication.

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