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Leading Faculty: Dr. Deoksoon Kim


Who I am


Deoksoon Kim is associate professor at Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Deoksoon Kim’s research focuses on understanding the needs of immigrant students in order to help them learn English and succeed in school. She also investigates how to use instructional technology to facilitate language learning and teacher education. She has done research on gender and immigration, social and emotional development, and STEM teaching and learning.



Research Team members

Doctoral students: SoLim Kim


Masters students: Drina Kei Yatsu


Recently graduated students: Zhongyu Cheng


Current Undergraduate students: Qingyue Chen, Taesung Kim, Yoonmi Kang,

                                                          Yan Li, Yue Liu, Xin Shen, Jingyi Xu, Hehua Xu,

                                                          Yezi Zheng, Yinyun Zhu

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