AAAL Conference Presentation

The American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) is a professional organization of scholars who are interested in and actively contribute to the multi-disciplinary field of applied linguistics. AAAL members promote principled approaches to language-related concerns, including language education, acquisition and loss, bilingualism, discourse analysis, literacy, rhetoric and stylistics, language for special purposes, psycholinguistics, second and foreign language pedagogy, language assessment, and language policy and planning. --- AAAL Official Website

AAAL 2021


Title: A new systematic multimodal framework for analyzing classroom digital stories. 

Presenters: Stanton Wortham, Deoksoon Kim, Drina Yatsu, Yan Li, Zhongyu Cheng & Xinyue He. 

Title: Understanding three bilinguals’ digital stories: A visual grammar approach. 

Presenters: Deoksoon Kim, Drina Yatsu, Hehua Xu, Jingyi Xu, Qingyue Chen & Yinyun Zhu. 

Title: Let’s remix: Middle school English learner’s multimodal digital storytelling. 

Presenters: Stanton Wortham, Deoksoon Kim, Yan Li & Yue Liu. 

TESOL Conference Presentation

TESOL International Association advances the expertise of professionals who teach English to speakers of other languages in multilingual contexts worldwide. We accomplish this through professional learning, research, standards, and advocacy. TESOL is the trusted global authority for knowledge and expertise in English language teaching. --TESOL official website

TESOL 2021

Virtual Conference


A New Systematic Multimodal Framework for Analyzing Classroom Digital Stories.



Stanton Wortham, Deoksoon Kim, Drina Yatsu, Yan Li, Zhongyu Cheng, Xinyue He.

AERA Conference Presentation

The American Educational Research Association (AERA), a national research society, strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good. --AREA official website

AERA 2021


Title: Digital Story-making of beginning teachers.

Presenters: Deoksoon Kim, Drina Yatsu, Hehua Xu, Xinyue He, Yan Li & Yue Liu.

Title: Bilingual learners remixing their identities through digital storytelling.


Stanton Wortham, Deoksoon Kim, Jingyi Xu, Qingyue Chen, Xin Shen, Yezi Zheng & Yinyun Zhu.

Title: Building a holistic online community: Strategies and tools to support student learning and growth. 

Presenters: Katrina Borowiec, Deoksoon Kim, Lizhou Wang & Julia Kim.

Title: Fostering STEM belonging and equity across diverse students and contexts: The promise of asset-based instruction. 

Presenters: Deoksoon Kim & Solim Kim.

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