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Mentoring for Students

Featuring our beloved professor Dr. Kim. She recorded a series of videos for skills you need for academic success

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Mentoring for Faculties

Valuable career / research advice from an award-winning teacher, scholar, and documentary film producer


Our Stories

Students's real-life stories, telling you all the nits and grids about life in US college


“My greatest gain in Dr. Kim's team is, apart from learning a lot of research skills, I understand how to look at education and students from a humanistic perspective. I have learned to understand a student from multiple aspects, and hence observe and analyze the student's behaviors and works.” 

--Jingyi (Karida) Xu, Junior at Boston College


Our Mission

"I have built this website as a resource for international students studying in American universities. There is a hidden curriculum behind many academic practices at Western universities, and as an international student, you often don’t have the crucial information. Based on my own experience as an international student and an immigrant navigating my way as a graduate student and now a professor, I offer information, tools, and strategies for how to succeed as a student and then perhaps as a professor in American higher education." 

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